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Issues & Agenda

The Professional Engineers of Oregon, recognizing that service to Society, State, and Profession is the fundamental obligation of the professional engineer, does hereby dedicate itself to the promotion and the protection of the profession of engineering as a social and economic influence vital to the affairs of the public and of the State of Oregon.

It is our goal at every level of government, to support issues vital to our profession.  But only by speaking with a single voice can we make sure our message is heard. PEO has joined with other societies and agencies that represent the design build environment.

State Issues & Advocacy

Professional Reviewers and Expert Witnesses
The Board Is Soliciting Professional Reviewers And Expert Witnesses To Assist With Law Enforcement Cases.

Federal Issues & Advocacy
NSPE helps members stay up-to-date on the latest issues vital to the profession currently pending before Congress, as well as information on NSPE’s ongoing efforts and agenda within the federal arena.

Take Action
Resources for helping professionals engineers communicate with legislators and government officials.
State – Many legislative issues important to engineers are addressed at the state level. That’s why NSPE offers members a compendium of trends and legislation under debate across the nation.

Find Your Legislator

CAP & Reduce

All materials will be posted to ODEQ GHG reduction website.

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